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Our Melusina Teal fiberglass is a great addition any fly rod collection. It ties in a bit of modern technology and nostalgia.


Fiberglass rods are highly regarded for great feel and finesse presentation. This beautiful rod is a 7'6" 3wt, s glass medium fast action and works well for many fishing situations. Pair this with the appropriate size reel and line and you will have a great set up for many smaller fish, such as, panfish, trout to small bass.


This rod has a butter smooth action with great feel and should be great for beginners to advanced fishers alike. The feel when casting glass is butter smooth and accurate. These little rods are one of my favorites for bluegill.


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There's no better time than now to get outdoors and enjoy its tremendous beauty.


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Melusina Grey Fly Rod (Pink Lettering)

  • Designed and handmade in the USA by Melusina Outfitters with high quality components that are beautiful and designed to perform

    7' 3wt medium fast action

    Aluminum reel seat, with light purple accents and reel seat locks

    Black snake guides, Deep purple wraps with lavender sparkle accent wraps.

    Handmade custom rod sleeve